3D printing meets the stone age
From Next Nature:  "Stone tools are the most ancient evidence of our ancestor’s ingenuity, proof that we’ve been augmenting our bodies for millions of years. These flint tools by Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow update our prehistory with modern materials and techniques. Each knapped tool is scanned and then outfitted with a form-fitting 3D-printed handle. In marrying the most basic fabrication technique with one of the most advanced, Drach and Ganchrow’s project demonstrates how modern technologies return us to the tribe.”
Down the lane…
I was in need of some compilation - island horizons from my last few sea-going years.
Recent times in my backyard.
In an effort to loosen up on my perfectionism and practice quick, fun sketches, I am starting a new mission in February. The rules:
1. one 5-minute sketch per day with a non-fancy (ballpoint-esque) pen
2. play in Illustrator: four colors max allowed (not including grey-scale)
Here’s my first…
February 1: a case for mini-binoculars that I’ve had for years
"Like many other governments the Dutch censor the visibility of political, economic and military locations on the satellite imagery, but while most countries blur, pixelate, and whiten out sites of interest, the Dutch method of censorship is notable for its stylistic intervention of bold, multi-coloured polygons over sites. The result is a landscape occasionally punctuated by sharp aesthetic contrasts between secret sites and the rural and urban environments surrounding them."
-Next Nature